What Is A Central Heating System?

A central heating system is essential for consistent warmth throughout homes and businesses in Boone, NC. This system generates heat in specialized areas, like a furnace room, and then circulates it throughout the property using forced air via ducts or water and steam via pipes. While fossil fuels power many systems, there are also innovative, eco-friendly options like solar-powered units that distribute heated water.

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Home Comfort and Efficiency

How to Maximize the Comfort & Efficiency of My HVAC System in Charlotte, NC

Home ownership requires a lot of responsibility. Monitoring, overseeing, and maintaining many of the mechanical elements of your home are crucial to keeping the home in good condition. HVAC, which means “heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning,” is the equipment responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. It is also what preserves optimal air quality […]

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How to Choose A Contractor

ACCA and the EPA Standards ACCA and the US Environmental Protection Agency offer the following guidelines when selecting a company to provide new equipment and/or service for your project.  Be sure your contractor is licensed, well trained, and experienced to provide quality installations.  Don’t be afraid to ask about training, experience, and memberships.  Demand proof […]

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