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How Can We Help You?

At Mountaineer Sheet Metal, we are pleased to announce that we offer many ways in which we can serve you.

Residential New Construction

MSM Company Profile PM 004.JPG Building a new home is a very exciting time. There are all kinds of things to do, things to plan for, people to see, and a million and one decisions to be made. One of the best decisions the new homeowner can make is to hire Mountaineer Heating and Cooling to take care of their comfort system. By relying on MHC's time-tested dependability, the homeowner gains tremendous piece of mind. MHC will handle each step, from the beginning Load Calculation to the final placing of the Floor Registers enabling you to sit back and enjoy the process.

Replacement/Retrofit of Existing Comfort System

Comfort Systems are like anything else in this world; they wear out over time. In fact, for the average home, ten years is not to soon to be looking at changing a system out. The main reason for this? Efficiency. A more efficient comfort system costs less to operate and an old system just has the odds stacked against it. But efficiency isn't where it stops. Bolts pop, belts wear down, metal rusts, and on and on. When a comfort system is not in peak condition it cannot give peak performance. So let's talk about your comfort system today. One of our Comfort Specialists is standing by to show you how replacing your system can make you a whole lot more comfortable.

Comfort Consultations

A new Gas Furnace or Heat Pump? Do you ever wonder which is better for your home? What about rising energy costs? Is your home a good candidate for central heating and cooling? What about indoor air quality? Mold? Humidity? Thermostats? The list goes on. With so much out there it gets confusing sometimes. That's why MHC has Comfort Consultants. Our Comfort Consultants are highly trained to determine just what equipment is right for your home. We know that each home is as unique as its owner and that each owner has different desires for air quality and comfort. Our skilled Comfort Consultants will help you sort through it all.


Load Calculations

Our government's Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy says that every home receiving a new comfort system must have a Load Calculation performed by a certified mechanical contractor. We at MHC are proud to say that this is standard procedure on every project we look at. What is a Load Calculation? It is a calculation, using many important factors from your home, calculated by a trained contractor, to determine just how much airflow it will take to effectively heat and cool your home. At MHC, you'll never have to worry about asking for a Load comes standard.

Quality Service

Customer satisfaction is what drives MHC. We want things to be done right...the first time. When you call us to come repair your furnace, heat pump, or air-conditioner, we understand that you are entrusting to us your comfort and peace of mind. We take that seriously. That's why our technicians had over 200 hours of certified Trane® sponsored training in 2004 alone. We simply want to be the best for you. Call us for prompt, courteous, dependable service and rest assured that we will take care of the problem. 24 hour Emergency Service is available for Planned Maintenance Customers.

Maintenance Membership

Regular precision tune ups for your comfort system is the best way to extend the life of your system, ensure safety, and increase effiency. We offer two plans; tailor made to suit the needs of your comfort system. Our Precision Tune Ups are the most in depth, comprehensive tune ups in the High Country. There are many benefits including: priority 24 hour service, 15% discount on any parts needed, worry free scheduling, and the most important...peace of mind.