Trane Furnace in Boone: Is it Time for a New Furnace?

It’s that time of year again when homeowners need to start thinking about the cold weather setting in, especially in Boone where at least a third of the nights in the winter are below 20 °F. No homeowner wants to suffer through those temperatures without heat but it could happen. Now is the time to evaluate if it is time to replace your worn out furnace.

One of the first considerations when analyzing whether it is time to replace your furnace is the unit’s age. The typical life span of a furnace is between fifteen and twenty years. If your unit is close to or between these numbers, then you should probably start looking to replace it. While most homeowners cringe at the thought of replacing their heating and air conditioning units, actually the newer units are typically much more energy efficient and can result in substantial annual savings. Sounds great but how much can you really save? Let’s examine the savings of a 15 year old versus a newer heating and air conditioning unit.

The older model furnaces average an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of about 65% (depending on the model, the AFUE could be as low as 55%). Newer model furnaces average about 90% (standard efficiency) to 96.7% (high efficiency). Choosing the standard efficiency improves the AFUE by about 25%. What does that mean in dollars for you? According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, going from an AFUE of 65% to an AFUE of 90% saves you $27 per $100 of fuel cost. This means if your annual fuel cost is $1,000, by upgrading your furnace, you are saving $270 per year.

Additionally, since your home’s value typically increases with the furnace upgrade, you should also look at the return on investment for upgrading your unit. The formula for calculating the return on investment is simple. You divide the first year savings by the installation cost of the furnace. So if you invest $3,000 in a new furnace and your first year savings is $270, then your return on investment is 9%. Of course, fuel costs increases each year and as it increases your annual savings also increases, which in turn increases your return on investment, as well. For example, if your second year fuel costs increases to $1,500, then the annual savings increases to $405 and your return on investment increases to 13 ½ %.

Age is not the only consideration when choosing to replace your furnace. Heating and air conditioning units decrease in efficiency as they age. If your unit is running longer to achieve the desired temperature, this can also be a sign that the furnace needs to be replaced, as well. Plus, furnaces also tend to need more repairs toward the end of their life and, sometimes, begin making strange noises (rattling, banging, squealing noises).

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