The Condenser Unit for Your Boone Air Conditioner Needs Sufficient Ventilation

To protect your Boone air conditioner from blocked air flow, which can cause inefficient cooling, make sure to keep shrubs and other landscaping materials a few feet away from the outdoor condenser unit. The condenser needs space to breathe. Because it works so hard to cool the inside of your home, it needs to vent generated heat. The manufacturer of your cooling system will list the minimum clearance distances for your specific AC unit. However, there are also some general guidelines to follow to ensure that your system leads a long, healthy life.

Mountaineer Heating and Cooling recommends keeping your outdoor condenser unit free of debris throughout the year by regularly pruning around it and inspecting the system for branches and other outdoor debris that may get stuck inside of it. Here are some other tips for maintaining the outside area around your AC unit:

Minimal Distance for Your Condenser

The rule of thumb for equipment clearance distances surrounding your AC’s condenser is to keep at least 2-4 feet horizontally and at least 4 feet vertically between the unit and plants or structures. This recommendation is important to follow because it will keep your AC system from overheating and running inefficiently, which will cost you extra money on utility bills. If multiple condenser units are located in the same area, they need to be installed at least 4 feet away from each other so the exhaust air from one unit is not fed into another unit.

Slow Growing Plants and Shrubs are Ideal to Plant near the Condenser Unit

A low maintenance bush or shrub is a nice choice to add to the landscaping around your outdoor system so you will not have to spend weekends pruning and checking for debris around your system. Which plants are recommended for their easy care qualities and durability, not to mention creating a beautiful disguise for your condenser? Vines, such as clematis and jasmine, which will grow upright along a trellis is a good choice. A trellis placed in front of your system will allow the plants to climb, and also allow enough space for technicians to access your unit. Also recommended are potted container plants, spaced a few feet apart, with vegetables, herbs, dwarf trees and small bushes. For in-ground plants that require minimum maintenance, a viburnum or Jerusalem sage bush will provide pretty color and camouflage, and when spaced properly away from the unit, will allow enough air flow to keep your system running at peak performance.

Other Options for Landscaping Near Your AC System

Fences and lattices can be used to conceal the outdoor condenser unit from view. Your Boone air conditioner will benefit from the added shade that is provided from this type of enclosure. Air is drawn into the outdoor condenser component from the sides, and the exhaust air is sent out through the top, which is why those areas must remain clear of debris or dense shrubbery. Landscaping with low maintenance, non-dense plants will add more beauty to the outdoor area surrounding your outdoor unit and provide much-needed shade to keep your system cool. Be selective about choosing plants that are non-invasive and allow enough space for the branches to grow and stay a good distance away from the condenser system of your air conditioner unit.

When you maintain the proper distance of clearance around your cooling system’s condenser unit, you will have the best efficiency and make it easier for technicians to inspect and repair the unit. If your Boone air conditioner needs maintenance or you need an HVAC replacement or repair this season, call Mountaineer Heating and Cooling at 828-264-6625.