Simple Tips for Maintaining and Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Winter

Change out your filters

Now is the best time to check the filters. If you’re using hypoallergenic filters, keep in mind that they do not last as long as traditional filters. It is advisable to replace your filters monthly, and clean filters are especially important if you want your HVAC unit to work optimally this winter. If using reusable filters, you simply need to rinse and clean them before re-using.

Maintaining and Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Winter
Clean the HVAC Unit

Examine the area all around your air conditioner. Using a hose, wash and remove all debris, mud, bird droppings, flowers and leaves, and any other foreign objects surrounding the HVAC system. Rake around the entire area and trim or remove excess leaves, weeds, or grass. Keeping this area clean allows for unrestricted air flow and prevents unintentional obstruction.

Check the Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly. If you turn on the heat and find that it’s taking too long or never gets to the desired temperature; or if your energy bill in increasing, it may be time to change your thermostat. Consider switching to a programmable thermostat. This can save you a lot of money and energy, as you can program when to switch the heat on and off. A heating and air conditioning company, like Mountaineer Heating and Cooling in Boone, NC, can tell you more about this and install the new thermostat for you.

Switch Off Your A/C System

An unusually warm winter’s day can trigger the thermostat to turn the AC on when you’re not at home, leading to wasted energy and money. This even could also cause water to form and freeze in the unit. Switching the AC off provides you better control of your electric bill during winter.

Have your HVAC Unit Inspected

The most sensible thing you can do is to have professionals like Mountaineer Heating and Cooling inspect your HVAC system long before the coldest days of the year set in. These experts can perform the necessary repair and maintenance work, as well as recommend replacements to ensure optimal performance from your heating and cooling system.


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