Heating Services

Heating services BooneWhen cold weather hits, it’s very important that you can rely on your heating system for comfort. Having your furnace repaired before the winter months by Mountaineer is a great way to ensure you stay warm all winter long. Contact a member of our team today to go over your options.

Our professional technicians manage many heating system services in Boone. From heat pump installations to furnace repairs in Boone and surrounding areas, we have you covered. Call us to ensure your home is kept comfortable and warm this winter season.

Boone Heating Installation

The overall performance of your heater depends on the quality and how well it was installed. If you do not select the correct system and have it sized and installed the right way the first time, it will not operate at the optimal level. Do not settle for so-so installation when our experienced Boone heating installation technicians can do the job right the first time.

A heating unit that is too small will not effectively heat your home. Some homeowners do not realize that a system that is too large is not any better. When your unit is too large, it may short cycle which will lead to faster wear and tear or damage. It’s important that you schedule your installation in Boone with Mountaineer to receive quality installation with the right system for you.

Boone Heating Repair

Sometimes your heater will need repairs performed just like all other machines in your home. There isn’t a way around it. Although, the damages to your heating unit can be minimized by scheduling your heating repair in Boone, NC with Mountaineer at the first sign of malfunction. Do not wait until your system shuts down completely.

There are several signs that signify you require experienced heating repair in Boone, NC. You may realize that it is costing more and more to heat your house or that your home is not heating evenly. If any of these signs are apparent, contact Mountaineer as soon as possible. The quicker we repair any flaws to your heating system, the longer your heater will last.

Boone Furnaces

There are many reasons why gas furnaces are so prevalent. Natural gas furnaces in Boone are effective, durable, reliable and highly efficient. Mountaineer is experienced in gas furnace installation, repair and maintenance. Give us a call today to schedule gas furnace service.

Not only do we install and repair gas furnaces but we also offer electric furnace installation and repair in Boone. Natural gas tends to cost less overall than electricity but most electric furnace models are fairly energy efficient which helps to close the price gap. Call Mountaineer’s furnace experts to learn more about the benefits of using a gas or electric furnace to heat your home. If you currently have a furnace and need repairs, we offer emergency services.

Boone Heat Pumps

One of your top priorities is to make sure your home is kept comfortable all year long. You can heat and cool your home with a modern and efficient system by using a heat pump in Boone. Contact Mountaineer today if you believe a heat pump could be the best solution for your home.

Heat pumps remove the heat from the air and recirculate the cool air throughout your home during the hot summer months. When it’s cold outside, the system transfers surrounding heat from outside your home into your house, warming your home efficiently with low energy usage. When you decide a heat pump is right for you, be sure to schedule your installation, maintenance and repair services with qualified Mountaineer technicians.