Comfort Care Maintenance


We all know that proper routine maintenance is key to keeping your car safe and efficient. No one would dream of driving a car that hasn’t had the tires rotated, oil changed or certified inspections done regularly. It would be foolish to not do these things in case something major goes wrong! It’s the exact same way for your home’s comfort system. Just like your car, your comfort systems needs regular tune ups to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system. This prevents minor issues from becoming major ones, requiring repairs or even worse- a replacement over a simple issue. Take a look at some of the things we check to ensure your ongoing comfort:

  • - Adjust thermostat calibrations
  • - Tighten electrical connections
  • - Lubricate all moving parts
  • - Measure volts/amps on motors
  • - Test starting capabilities
  • - Test safety controls
  • - Analyze carbon monoxide threats
  • - Clean filter
  • - Clean accessible evaporator coil
  • - And much, much more!

By having this maintenance performed by Mountaineer Heating & Cooling you are not only preventing future repairs, but also possibly lowering your monthly bill and improving your indoor air quality. Changing filters regularly and having a skilled technician look over your heating and air system makes your fans runs less, lowering the amount of energy the unit uses. Inefficiencies and sources of pollutants entering your home can be targeted by our certified technicians, leading to you being more comfortable and breathing healthier in your own home. Don’t be told you need a repair or replacement before giving Mountaineer Heating & Cooling a call to see if we can offer a solution to get the job done right through maintenance!

Precision tune ups are an affordable, easy way to ensure safety, efficiency, and extend the life of your comfort system! However it can be difficult to remember when it’s time to perform the tune up, so why not let us do that for you? With our Comfort Care Rewards Program we call you when it’s time to for maintenance! It is by far the best way to keep your system in proper working order. Keeping you comfortable all year long. In addition to worry free scheduling you also receive these great benefits:

  • - Priority scheduling
  • - 15% discount on any repairs needed
  • - Standard 1″ filters
  • - No overtime charges
  • - Plus the peace of mind a CCRP plan affords!

CCRP FrontCCRP Inside

To learn more about the Comfort Care Rewards Program call us at 828-264-6625 today!