Professional Furnace Inspection in Boone, NC

Boone Furnace Service ImagePerforming preventative care on your heating system is highly recommended so your furnace will be well prepared for the coldest conditions. A system failure can be dangerous and a huge inconvenience. A furnace inspection and tune-up in Boone by a certified and reputable HVAC company will prevent costly problems. Why is a professional HVAC repair specialist the best choice to perform the inspection? According to the

“…a trained and accredited professional’s work is a wise choice since you get their trained eye and top-of-the-line testing gauges. When you do call an HVAC company, be sure to ask for a technician who is certified. Certified technicians can detect wear and tear in a multitude of furnace systems, and a reputable one will suggest needed new parts in addition to cleaning up the existing ones.

Another benefit of scheduling a furnace tuneup is that your furnace warranty might require it.”

What are some of the other benefits of an annual furnace inspection? The Daily Herald also lists the following advantages to having the inspection completed at the start of the cold season by a professional HVAC specialist in Boone:

“When you get your furnace tuned up, you also arrange for the following:

• Saving energy. Regular maintenance can improve furnace efficiency by as much as 25 percent. When your technician removes dust from the air ducts as part of your tuneup, your system will run more easily and use less energy, which cuts down on your expenses. The U.S. Department of Energy and the Alliance for Residential Building Innovation report that regular furnace tuneups and replacement of parts can result in cooling energy savings of 30 percent for systems that also have air conditioning.

• Reduce air pollution. Well-maintained heating and air-conditioning systems will minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and some parts may be Energy Star-marked for eco-friendly use.

• Keep your family safe. A tuned-up furnace is less likely to create dangerous and life-threatening carbon monoxide leaks. Your technician will test for leaks, encourage you to place a new carbon monoxide detector by your system, and also advise on additional safety hazards, such as storing flammable items too close to your furnace.”

At Mountaineer Heating and Cooling, our qualified technicians will inspect your heating system to look for problems and test connections to make sure they are safe and working properly. Our residential and commercial customers in Boone and Blowing Rock receive prompt, knowledgeable and exceptional service. Increase the efficiency of your HVAC system this season with a heating check-up in your home or office. To schedule your heating system inspection and maintenance, call us at 828-264-6625.

(Source: Are Annual Furnace Inspections Really Necessary?,, October 10, 2012)