Trane heating and air conditioning systems are a brand of Ingersoll Rand. They are known for manufacturing dependable units. Ingersoll Rand is a world leader in HVAC and Trane is their most popular brand. Many HVAC specialists display the Trane logo on their uniform because the name carries so much weight in the industry. In the HVAC world, Trane heating and cooling systems are among the best units on the market today.


What makes Trane HVAC systems stand out?

This brand is so unique because they offer a holistic approach to creating a comfortable atmosphere in your home or business. The components are all meant to be used together. This means that the units are more energy-efficient due to the fact that they work better together.

The way this is done is through a matched system. This could be something like a furnace and air conditioner, an air handler and heat pump, or a furnace and heat pump. They also come in packaged systems that also contain more than 2 for these components. Due to each installation’s needs being different, Mountaineer, a Trane heating and cooling specialist, can configure your new system depending on your needs.


Energy efficiency and Hybrid systems

Similar to a hybrid car, a hybrid Trane system allows you to decide between either fossil fuels or electricity for your heating needs. This is accomplished by installing an electric heat pump with an oil or gas furnace that offers variable speeds. Since you can change back and forth between the 2 types, you can get more out of your system and lower your energy bills. It presents more flexibility for keeping your family comfortable.


Other Trane advantages

Something that a Trane is known for is its durability. Lots of people purchase a system made by Trane without knowing about the energy savings and matching capacities. They just recognize it as a brand that won’t easily break down and lasts for many years to come. Purchasing a dependable HVAC system helps you to save money in the future on replacement and repairs. This is why they are used often in commercial installations.

People often choose a Trane system for the home usually because of the advanced filtration features that prevent contaminants and pollen from compromising the indoor air quality of your home. This has health benefits for you and your family, and reduces the risk of mold infestations.

Trane heating and cooling systems are among the top brands because they offer quality, durability, and better efficiency. Buying a Trane system is an investment that saves you money in the coming years. Because they are 95% efficient, this means that you’re saving money year after year.

2017 Trane Special Offer

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