Green Heating & Cooling

When it comes to an efficient way to heat and cool your home that not only will save you money but is also ecological; geothermal energy is the way to go. WaterFurnace systems help save the environment by using renewable energy found under your yard. The EPA found that geothermal energy is environmentally friendly and a great option for heating and cooling your home or business. Another added bonus for installing a geothermal system is your government or local utility company may offer tax rebates or cash back when you invest in geothermal energy. While energy savings will vary by region depending on your Boone HVAC system, geothermal energy will always be the best choice when it comes to living greener.

The outside temperatures will go up and down throughout the year in Boone, NC. Residents here experience hot summers and cold winters with mild temperatures in between. While it may be in the high 90s at the hottest or near zero at the lowest, the underground temperature stays constant most of the time. The reason why is due to the ground’s ability to absorb 47 percent of the sun’s energy as it collides with the surface of the Earth. WaterFurnace uses an earth loop to draw out this free energy. You are then provided geothermal energy to heat and cool your home.

geothermal heating-cooling illustration

For Boone heating, this geothermal heat pump applies the earth loop from the WaterFurnace to extract heat from the ground. The system removes heat from the technology and then circulates it as warm air through your traditional duct work. You can apply the same heat for a radiant floor system or your hot water heater. This type of system can help fix uneven heating; even more so when you use the floor system.

To have this geothermal system work as a Boone air conditioning mechanism, the process is simply reversed. The heat is expunged from the air instead of the ground and then pushed back into the earth loop or used to heat up the water in your hot water heater. Mountaineer Heating and Cooling is the place for all your geothermal energy needs. Contact us today to start saving on your energy bills with an environmentally friendly way to provide comfort to your home.

geothermal installation

For more information on how to get started with a geothermal system in the Boone area, contact Mountaineer Heating and Cooling. Start saving on your energy bills today