Prepare Your Home for Winter


Safe and Warm Winter Tips

  • Have your furnace’s heat exchangers inspected to ensure safe carbon monoxide levels
  • Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees to save money when you are not at home
  • Ensure your attic and garage is properly insulated
  • Lowering your thermostat to 65°-68° F during the winter while you’re away during the day, and lower it at night to 55°-58° F.

Furnace Tips

  • Clean or replace filters on furnaces and air conditioners once a month or as recommended.
  • If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, then you should consider buying one. This way, when you are out of the house, or on vacation you can set your thermostat to a much lower temperature; therefore saving you money during the cold winter months.
  • In winter, open window treatments to let in the sun’s warmth during the day. Close window treatments at night to slow the loss of heat through the glass.
  • Seal cold air leaks around windows and doors with caulking and weather-stripping materials to keep temperatures in the home controlled.
  • If the fuse blows or the circuit trips repeatedly when the furnace or air conditioner turns on, there is a problem in the electrical system. In this case, do not try to fix the furnace. Callus at Mountaineer at 828.264.6625 or contact us to set up a service call
  • Change the batteries in your digital thermostat every year.
  • This advice may be something you have not thought of, but you should use your ceiling fans during the winter. A ceiling fan set in reverse can draw warm air through your home, helping to keep it warm.