New Control Systems for Boone Air Conditioners Help You Stay in the Zone

If you are wondering how to prevent your Boone air conditioner from cooling your downstairs living room at night when you only need cooler air in the upstairs bedrooms, there is a solution. There are many factors that affect room air temperatures, such as the length of the ductwork and the amount of windows in that room. Items inside a room can also affect the air temperature. For example, if you have a large TV in a small room, it can raise the room’s temperature. Mountaineer Heating and Cooling installs automatic zone control systems that will allow you to heat or cool various zones in your house at scheduled times. Sounds great, but how does this system work?

Duct dampers respond to programmed thermostat temperature settings

An automatic zone control system uses duct dampers to allow the right amount of heated or cooled air to specific rooms, based on the actual temperature of the room and the desired temperature that was programmed into the thermostat. explains this sophisticated technology:

Many homes have access only to main ducts that branch out to the individual rooms. In this case, the zone control system will control the temperatures in each room grouping, such as all the bedrooms, kitchen/dining areas and the living room. Although it is best to control each room independently, controlling just three or four zones is adequate for comfort and energy savings.

A programmable thermostat is mounted in each room or zone grouping to control the motorized duct damper leading to it. If the room is too warm during winter, the damper in the duct leading to that room partially closes. For example, a zone thermostat may continuously readjust the damper position as the intensity of the sun shining through a window changes throughout the day.”

Save energy by only cooling or heating the zones in your home that need it the most. You will also enjoy better comfort by targeting these areas. How do you begin the process of setting up zones so your Boone air conditioner can work more efficiently?

Assign zones for your air conditioning system by observing routines

Do you usually wake up at the same time each day? Are you in the kitchen around the same times throughout the day? Observe your daily routines to determine how to group a few rooms into a zone. If you are in the family room and kitchen mostly around meals and after dinner, those rooms can be combined for a heating and cooling zone. If bedrooms are all located on one floor, group the bedrooms into the same zone. Once the zones are assigned, Mountaineer Heating and Cooling will set up the dampers so they control 3-4 separate zones in your home.

Sophisticated engineering brings energy savings for your home

There are two types of damper designs that are used for an automatic zone control system. With a new system, you will be able to enjoy energy savings and direct temperatures with the peace of mind that your zones will be cooled when needed. The available damper designs, as mentioned in are described below:

There are different designs of zoning dampers. They range from just a simple flat damper to bladders, which inflate with air to close off the ducts. They all function equally well. Adding a zoning system requires professional installation. Talk to a qualified technician about a system that would work best for your home.”

Installing an automatic zone control system is the greatest and most energy-efficient method to control individual room temperatures. Mountaineer Heating and Cooling installs automatic zone control systems to help you get the most out of your Boone air conditioner. Our trained technicians provide installation, repair and maintenance services for HVAC systems. Call us today for more information: 828-266-0098.

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