Heating Maintenance

By: Winston Petrey

You should always keep up with routine maintenance to your Boone heating unit, even if it is new or in good working condition. Regular maintenance will keep your heating system running at it’s optimal condition and our expert team at Mountaineer can help. We’ve been providing heating maintenance to our Boone customers for over 30 years.

Your Boone heating system efficiency

It’s understood that your new heating system is more effective than your older system. If you want it to stay working efficiently, you need to schedule regular maintenance visits. Even the high tech, new systems will suffer wear and tear over time. If not properly maintained, these new systems won’t help with energy savings.

It doesn’t matter if your system is brand new or not, it will benefit from annual tune-up and cleaning. After your first maintenance visit, you may be surprised at just how much better your older system is running. You may also receive savings on your next heating bill. Routine maintenance will be more than worth it when you add up your savings.

Reduce heating repairs in Boone

Another advantage of regular maintenance to your heating unit is that the need for heating repairs is reduced in the long run. Mountaineer technicians can replace parts that are worn before they deteriorate completely during the maintenance visits. We can also discover little problems before they progress into bigger ones.

Other than the savings you receive from lowering the need for emergency repairs, you will be eliminating the stress that is caused by finding out your heat isn’t working in the middle of the night. If by chance your current system is close to shutting down, our technician can inform you in advance so that you can prepare for replacement.

Lower your heating costs

When your heating system is running more efficiently and you have cut down the amount of repairs you need, periodic maintenance will save you money over time. If your system is running at it’s optimal efficiency, you will save on your monthly energy bills. This can balance out the cost of yearly maintenance.

Extend your Boone heating system’s life

Annual heating maintenance can considerably prolong the life of your system. It doesn’t matter what type of heater you have, it can benefit from regular maintenance. Our technicians make sure each and every part of your unit is working correctly, therefore eliminating situations that may cause unneeded stress on your system.

Something small that is out of sync in your unit is probably not causing a drop in performance right now. If not tended to, this small problem could lead to larger issues in the future. These large issues can then turn into something that can cause your whole system to shut down over time.

Even when the technician only cleans and inspects all the elements of your heating unit, the maintenance visit is worth it. Simply cleaning out dust and debris that may accumulate will help your system run longer and more efficiently.

If you are interested in learning more about all the heating maintenance services that we offer here at Mountaineer, give us a call today. Our technicians are trained to service all types of heating systems and equipment, so even if we did not initially install your heating system, we are glad to maintain it for you.