Heating Installation

By: Winston Petrey

Selecting the correct type of heating unit in Boone, NC

Your first step in choosing your new heating system is to decide which type you need. Just because your old system was a certain type does not mean you should purchase that type again. The different options for dependable home heating are constantly changing so it’s worth analyzing several alternatives before you decide on a certain type of home heating system in Boone.

The correct choice for you when it comes to heating systems will ultimately depend on the size and requirements of your house. This is no task to undertake on your own. That is why the specialists at Mountaineer are happy to assist you in deciding on the right heating system for you home.

Proper Size Selection

A major reason to confer with Mountaineer when it pertains to choosing your new heating system is the importance of selecting the right size for your home. A heating system that isn’t large enough can contribute to problems later on. The heating unit will have to perform harder to heat your home at a comfortable temperature and it’s possible it won’t be able to heat the entire home. Even if you can achieve a comfortable temperature, the additional strain of heating a space too large can greatly lower the life of your unit.

However, a heating system that is too big and strong can cause it to turn off and on more often than is fitting. While it might seem like the opposite kind of situation, the consistent starting and starting will cause strain that can be just as detrimental. In both cases, you will need to replace your heating system sooner rather than later.

Furnace Installation in Boone

Most people are familiar with the home heating unit, the furnace. There are several great furnaces on the market today. The major difference in models of furnaces are whether they are gas or electric. Another variation includes how effectively it converts fuel into heat.

A furnace that has an 80 percent AFUE rating is more than likely more efficient than your current older model. Although, it will actually end up wasting more fuel than a furnace with an AFUE rating of 90 percent or higher. Sometimes a furnace with the 80 percent rating is the best choice not just because it is less expensive to purchase and install but due to the climate of the area. The added savings you receive from a 90 percent or higher AFUE furnace may or may not be worth the additional costs for installation. It’s important to discuss your options with Mountaineer because we will be able to let you know which furnace will give you more bang for your buck.

Heat Pump Installation in Boone

Another option for home heating that is offered by Mountaineer is a heat pump. Heat pumps are usually combined with an air conditioning unit to create a climate control system for your home year-round. Heat pumps are a great option for home comfort in the Boone area because both AC and heat is used during the year. Mountaineer is experienced in installing heat pumps in Boone.

A complete heating package

By calling Mountaineer for your heating installation needs, you are guaranteed to receive the best service around. We only install heating systems of the best quality. Give us a call today to discuss how your heating installation options.