Get a Trane Furnace in Boone for Reliable, Lasting Comfort

When you think of heating and air conditioning in Boone, NC the name Trane immediately comes to mind. Trane is known for reliability in the HVAC industry. The same can be said about Mountaineer Heating and Cooling in Boone. Mountaineer is a certified Trane dealer, meaning they are approved by the manufacturer to install and repair all Trane products. When you choose Trane and Mountaineer, you have a winning combination.

Trane Products are Unique

Trane has created all of their products from scratch. They design and produce their own parts and their ideas are patented. You won’t find a product that works exactly the same as a Trane by another manufacturer; it’s not possible. Trane uses innovative technology to reinvent heating and cooling products year after year.

All Trane products must pass rigorous testing

In the Systems Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) facility, all Trane products go through the same series of tests. They are subjected to extreme heat and freezing temperatures and all manner of weather conditions, including saltwater spray, for a total of 16 weeks. Trane HVAC systems experience 5 years’ worth of weather conditions during these weeks of constant testing, proving that their products can stand the test of time.

Trane heating and cooling systems produce clean air when installed with a Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner.

The filtration technology in Trane Clean Effects removes pollutants and allergens from the air. Everyone will enjoy better health from breathing cleaner air; fewer illnesses, less allergic reactions, and no long term effects.

Trane is a leader in energy-efficiency

Reducing energy usage has been a major goal in designing heating and cooling products, especially in the last decade. With systems operating at 95% efficiency, Trane systems use less energy than most other brands. The less energy your HVAC system uses, the lower your monthly electric or gas bill will be and the lower the impact your household or business has on the environment. Although Trane products are built to last, regular maintenance is necessary to keep them running as efficiently as possible with less risk of a breakdown. Mountaineer offers our Comfort Care Rewards Program, which includes yearly tune-ups to keep your HVAC system in shape.

Mountaineer will help you choose the right Trane product for your home or business

If you make the wise choice to install a Trane, we can help you choose the right product or combination of products. Everyone’s heating and cooling needs are different, and we have the experience necessary to help you make an educated decision. You may need a gas furnace and electric air conditioner, perhaps a heat pump or geothermal system, or maybe a hybrid system that incorporates multiple types of heating and cooling would give you the most comfort. We have the knowledge to explain the pros and cons of each product so that you can make the best choice.

Since 1980 Mountaineer Heating and Cooling has been providing excellent customer service in heating and air conditioning in Boone, NC and the surrounding community. Whatever heat and air system you choose, we guarantee quality installation and continued maintenance. Request a quote or call (828) 264-6625.

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