Can I purchase products online?

Buyer Beware!  At Mountaineer Heating & Cooling, we partner with several manufacturers to make available a product line that will accurately meet each application, of which there are many.  Many of these manufacturers including Trane, Water Furnace, Mitsubishi Electric, Aprilaire, and Honeywell (for certain products) prohibit online sales in order to ensure the products are installed by authorized contractors who are individually trained for each product.  Any purchase made from web only retailers or from internet only sites OR any product where a model or serial number has been removed, replaced or altered in any way WILL NOT BE COVERED BY A MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.  Remember, a digital or paper copy of a generic warranty statement will not be satisfactory for warranty claims as each product has a serial number that must be registered with the manufacturer by a licensed and authorized installer.  MHC registers the warranty on all products purchased and installed and will provide customers with a copy of the original registered warranty.

Will MHC install products I purchase elsewhere? 

As a general practice, MHC will only install products we provide.  Products purchased from a source other than a licensed, authorized contractor are often previous generation, reproductions, remanufactured, discontinued or in less than “new in box” condition and do not carry a manufacturer’s warranty.  This policy applies only to new installs, as our Service Department will gladly provide diagnostics, repairs and tune ups on all brands of equipment, regardless of who installed it.

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