Boone, NC HVAC Specialists Ensure Your Systems are in Good Condition

When your HVAC system in your Boone, NC home breaks down, this can usually be traced to a problem in one of several components. It can be difficult to determine exact location of the problem, however, considering an HVAC system is spread all over your house. Nonetheless, here’s a simple guide to the important parts of the system, the damage they might have sustained, and what to do about it.

Heating and Air Thermostat

Your thermostat is the part of your HVAC system that you interact with most; you use it to adjust the temperature of your home either by manual changing or programming it beforehand. The first hints of a malfunctioning thermostat are often subtle and not easily detected. It may just seem that a room isn’t as warm or as cold as you need it to be. If you are experiencing this, Mountaineer Heating and Cooling can quickly check your thermostat to see if it needs a repair or replacement.


If fixing your thermostat doesn’t solve your home’s temperature problems, you’ll have to look at the other main parts of your HVAC system. One of these is the furnace. An HVAC system is considered the largest component for heating, and it’s usually located in the basement. The furnace’s main job is to heat the air for distribution to the rest of your home. A noisy furnace is one indication that there is a problem.  Pinging or popping, squeaking, rattling and grinding sounds all indicate a specific problem either with loose screws, a broken belt, ductwork leaks or the motor’s bearings are probably shot. Contact an HVAC technician to see what repairs are needed, or whether a replacement is necessary.

AC System Evaporator Coil

The opposite of your furnace, the evaporator coil’s job is to cool the air. Connected to a condensing unit, it draws in warm air and uses refrigerants to lower its temperature then distributing it out through the ductwork. One of the common malfunctions that happen to a cooling unit is a refrigerant leak. In order to produce cool air, the evaporator coil requires a certain level of refrigerant; if the amount in the system is insufficient, your unit will have a harder time lowering the air’s temperature. A leak in these coils can cause a drop in refrigerant levels. Mountaineer Heating and Cooling will examine your air conditioning unit to determine if there is a leak and is in need of repair.

Your HVAC system is composed of many other parts, which could also cause problems. For a thorough check, contact a local HVAC service, like Mountaineer Heating and Cooling in Boone, NC to ensure your system is working well. Call us today 828-264-6625.


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