Boone HVAC Maintenance Prepares your Heating System for Winter

As we all know, Appalachian mountain winters get bitterly cold and include quite a bit of snowfall. Whether you have a furnace, electric heat, or a heat pump, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it working properly in these harsh winters. After months of near-constant running and months of sitting dormant, your heating system will collect dirt and dust, get dried out, and possibly need repairs. Like any machine, both running and not running can take its toll on the condition and efficiency of your heat. But you can restore your heating system to like-new condition with a Comfort Care Rewards Membership from Mountaineer Heating and Cooling. Mountaineer will help you to be prepared for winter in Boone with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Maintenance.

Fall is the best time of year for a heating system tune-up

Maintenance is often referred to as “preventive maintenance” because it prevents your system from breaking down and needing emergency repairs. Since the purpose is to prevent heating problems, the best time to have it done is before the weather gets cold. Having your furnace inspected before you turn it on ensures the safety of your home and family. Furnaces burn heating fuel to create heat, meaning there is a possible fire risk if it isn’t working properly. They also create carbon monoxide that can be harmful in high quantities if it is not properly vented. One more advantage to fall heating maintenance: ease of scheduling. When the cold sets in, technicians will be busy with emergency heating repairs for customers who need immediate service. You may find it more difficult to find a convenient time to schedule a tune-up.

Save money this winter with HVAC Maintenance

Do you wait as long as possible to turn the heat on in the fall in order to keep your energy costs low? HVAC system maintenance can reduce your heating costs this winter by improving the efficiency of your furnace. Typical maintenance consists of inspecting, cleaning, and repairing your heating system. Inspection of all parts helps the technician to see if anything is worn out and needs replaced, if any wires are disconnected, or if anything looks out of place. Dirt, dust, and soot tends to build up in the heating unit and needs to be cleaned. A dirty furnace can’t work efficiently and can be a fire hazard. The money you save on energy costs easily pays for an affordable maintenance plan.

Mountaineer Heating and Cooling provides complete HVAC services in Boone, NC

A Comfort Care Rewards Membership is a wise choice for your heat and air conditioning. It includes twice yearly maintenance, once in the fall for your heat and again in the spring for your air conditioning. In the unfortunate even that your heat or air conditioning fails, Mountaineer offers repair and replacement services in Boone and the surrounding area. Schedule service or call (828) 264-6625