Mountaineer Heating and Cooling

Ever since we started Mountaineer Heating and Cooling in 1980, we made a promise to always keep our integrity. We see prices rising in every industry while people want to spend less and less, and we understand this. We are upfront with our costs and don't have hidden fees because we believe in a fair exchange between customers and HVAC providers. This drives us to have the lowest price so we can have pride when we hand an invoice to our customers, and we do. It all goes in to our motto we say everyday: Simple. Affordable. Comfort Solutions. There's a reason we've been able to stay in northwestern North Carolina and eastern Tennessee for over 35 years, so consider us for your heating and air repairs and replacements when the time comes to schedule your next service!

Comfort Care Rewards Program

Precision tune ups are an affordable, easy way to ensure safety, efficiency, and extend the life of your comfort system! However it can be difficult to remember when it’s time to perform the tune up, so why not let us do that for you?
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Need Service?

The service department at Mountaineer Heating and Cooling strives to serve you with the most efficient, highest quality service in the High Country. If you are in need of service or have questions you can contact us at 828-264-6625.
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New For You

Question, have you noticed how prices are going up for everything these days? Gas, food,'s all more expensive than ever. Bottom line, we know times are tough and we’re here to help you. Call for a free estimate at 828-264-6625
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